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Rose Tarot


Are you ready for a new beginning, opportunity or potential?

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I use the energy of

Tarot Cards, Angel Cards,

I Ching, Numerology and

Reiki to intuitively help you make the best decisions to achieve the goals you deserve.

I’ve worked for many years teaching, running a business, raising a family. I feel very honored to have achieved these blessed goals. Some of the highlights during those years have been Sunday afternoon Tarot Card readings with friends. During the pandemic I decided to focus on living my highest life and studied with the Temple of Witchcraft and began learning the Tarot in depth. I am now a certified Tarot Advisor.

About Me

Some Tarot Services


Life Path

$30. $35. $40.

Cdn Funds

Future Concerns

$35. $40. $45

Cdn Funds


$45. $50. $55.

Cdn Funds

Education & Security

$55. $60. $65

Cdn Funds

12 Month Reading

$90. $100. $110.

Cdn Funds

Prices are charged on a sliding scale. There are three price choices for each reading. Please click the link to go to my contact page if you have any questions about your reading.


 How Email Works - Privacy Policy

Email is my favorite way to communicate – no distractions, no pressure to respond on demand – for both of us. I can intuitively provide a response to your question in one week, usually less. Let's get started at:

When you provide a question, think about your broad concern, ie. Life Quest, Future Concerns, Relationships, Education or Work, Wheel of the Year. Next, what is your immediate question about your broad concern? What is your life path? What will you need to know for your highest good if you move/stay? The reading is for you. What do you need to know for your most empowered soul? What will you need to think about in the next year?

I will email you with any questions I have about the reading because I want to ensure we are on the same wavelength!

Privacy Policy:

Your information will always be kept confidential.

Ethics of Tarot:

By purchasing a reading, you acknowledge you have read and agree to these principles. Please be aware that the future is not set in stone. You are responsible for choosing (or not) the decisions presented to you in the reading. Own your power! 

Responsible Adult:

The Tarot reading provided is intended for people aged 18 and over. It is provided for consultation and entertainment purposes.

Third Party Readings:

Sometimes in relationship readings, I will be asked about a person you are involved with. Just so you know, I have no understanding of what the person is feeling or what their intentions are. I am here for you. I do not give medical or legal advice but will suggest that option if it is for your highest good.

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